Feel lifted, lighter and longer in one session


Feel free when you move your body with 360 degrees of space available in our Flight™ sessions. By suspending your practice in the air you will build more core and arm strength as it requires more stability and adds another dimension to your practice. The silks will also provide natural alignment and adjustments.


We are an intermediate student level studio.

Although it doesn't take long to be at an intermediate level we do require all students to begin with beginner classes until they are ready to move up or we offer a Flight™ 'fast track' intro workshop once a month that will teach you all the fundamentals required to get started and be safe.


Beginners FLIGHT™ workshops are offered on the following Sundays

August 21st @ 230pm
September 25th @ 230pm
October 30th @ 230pm
December 4th @ 230pm

New students must begin with the beginner classes. Attending a foundations workshop is the best way to start your practice to give you the most amount of knowledge at a good learning pace.



*Check the list of health concerns here.

*Purchase your pass. We highly recommend beginning with the Foundations Workshop offered once a month on Sundays @ 230pm.

*Register for your first class:
first timers should begin with either a Flight™ (Beginners Welcome) 

*Sign the digital waiver.

Read over the studio policy on cancellations, running late, refunds etc



Read over the 8 studio rules here

Take your first class slowly. If you do not begin with a foundations workshop the learning curve will be a bit steeper.

A new practice can have different effects on different people. Inversions and twists in Flight™ Yoga will start a detox process in your body and it's very normal to feel it after the first class. 

The slower you take your first session the easier it will be on your body and the quicker you will acclimate!



Give it a 3 class try. By then you should be confident in your new practice and able to play and explore all the fun stuff it has to offer!


Become an Unlimited Member for only $129/mo

Membership perks:

-Special rates available for your friends & family
-Unlimited Access to All Classes (does not include workshops)
-Seasonal Discounts and Special Prices on Workshops
-10% off retail


Heart of Belltown


We are located in the heart of Belltown downtown Seattle.

Right next to Dan's Grocery and Belltown Dance Studio

2217 3rd Ave #103 Seattle WA 98121