Balance between strength and flexibility. Balancing out the rushing world around you with time to tune in and tune out.


we are about care

Working at a desk or a job on the feet all day is tough on your body with the constant pressure on your spine and joints. Your spine will literally stretch out; rehydrating the discs between the vertebrae and essentially making you taller. You only have one body and we want to help you care for it.


we are about de-stressing

Stress is incredibly damaging. Gliding through the air takes you back to the feeling of a care free childhood. Doing something a bit daring builds confidence. These newfound sensations tend to carry over into the rest of you life


WE ARE ABOUT strength

This practice requires you to build strength to hold and lift your own body weight. Making you stronger each time you practice.


we are about treating yourself

The French lifestyle has it right. It is encouraged to treat yourself with little things that make you feel good. Our classes include extras such as hot towels, warm eye pillows, aromatherapy, hands, and sometimes feet, on adjustments (some classes), ice cold towels (strength classes), water or tea and ginger candy treats.

*** We use things that contain essential oils and herbs such as lavender. Please let us know if you have any allergies.